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Welcome to the revolution...

Marketing as we know it is changing. Almost everyone would agree that people today are spending an incredible amount of time online through computers and mobile devices. Whether you are checking out a friend's Face book page, purchasing items online or reading email, this is where people are spending their free time.

Your business needs to reach out to people through online marketing because if done properly, you can implement high-impact promotions at no cost to you. Online marketing is the future and daily deal marketing can introduce many new customers to your business without you having to spend any money on advertising. Why is this revolutionary? Daily deal marketing has effectively changed the way that businesses can connect with new customers and get them to try their products or services. If you have a highly experiential business that people will fall in love with once they have actually tried it, you need to be taking advantage of daily deal promotions.


This type of measurable marketing is great but because it is so new, it is common to hear stories from business owners either praising daily deal services or telling horror stories. Why is this? Daily deal marketing promotions are great for your business but only if you know how to structure them properly and then maximize them effectively through social media marketing.



Risk Free Online Marketing Solutions

Typically in the past, most marketing methods (i.e. radio, tv, newspaper and magazine ads) require payment upfront without providing any guarantee that your campaign will be successful. With BOB Consultant, there are no upfront costs or out of pocket fees. We are 100% performance based, and we only make money when we bring you new customers! We make money by taking a percentage from the daily deal company of each voucher sold in an online promotion. We are compensated from the daily deal company that YOU choose to work with and that allows us to keep our lights on. We only make money when we bring your business new customers.

Everybody wins!


Daily Deal Advice for Business Owners

Expert Advice for Maximum Results

Our team of daily deal experts will provide advice and completely facilitate your online promotions. We handle all the calls from the daily deal companies who are contacting you so it will give you more time to focus on other elements of your business which demand your attention. We want to make this as easy as possible for you to have a strong online presence for your business. We have run small businesses ourselves and we know that there are so many daily tasks that demand your time. There are only so many hours in the day and we know that marketing is just one of the many elements involved in running your business. Our team of daily deal experts will show you how to implement high-impact strategies for marketing your business online at no cost to you. We pride ourselves on providing customized online marketing solutions that are tailored to the goals of your business.

So why are we not yet working together? Let's get started today.



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